Quill Digital - OCR Settings

During an OCR read we know that (and you do too probably) some misreads are fairly common. For example, "8" is commonly read as "B" and "I" is commonly misread as "1". We have devised some algorithms in the software to deal with common misreads.

In the OCR Settings you will see two boxes. The first contains all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 to 9. By ticking one of these and bringing it over to the right hand side, you will see the algorithm that will be used during the read. No letters and numbers are replaced, rather the word is interpreted in a different way.
You can choose as many as you like, but remember this will slow the read down a touch for each word that contains the letter.

You can choose from some presets as shown below. These make up a general range of setting algorithms. The Simple will only ever check double consonants, and would be used if the scan was very good.
The Medium setting will introduce some further settings. This would be used in a read where the original scan is reasonable but not perfect. Complex will introduce all the algorithms available. This setting would be if you have some very bad scans.

Once you have selected the letter and corresponding algorithm by ticking them, click save. The setting will now persist for all subsequent reads

Custom Algorithms

You can write your own algorithm in when viewing the settings. Simply click My Settings and the below will appear.

Here you can see your current settings by clicking refresh, or add a custom setting. To do this type in the letter or number plus the misread you need to check during the read.

If you need to add more than one misread for the software to interpret, simply put commas between them.

Please watch the video below that explains the OCR settings.

Glossaries in action