Quill Digital - Word Replacement

Industry standard for OCR is about a 65% accuracy rate. As you know Quill is built to increase that accuracy level. We know at this stage with some extra settings, we can dramatically increase that using the internal Quill algorithms.
Sometimes it just gets it wrong.

Replacing Words

If I have run several scans through Quill and have the digital copy, and I notice that it always has one or more words wrong, we can simply replace those words at read time. This will mean we put in the incorrect word, and its corrected replacement.

Beware though, any words you correct here override the read word. For example, if I change "Correct" to "Connect" it will change that in every read. This setting is only designed for misreads, so if you correct a word that is in the dictionary, it will always use the replaced word.

To delete words, click the "My Replaced" button.

Here we can view words in our replaced words dictionary by clicking "Refresh".

Please watch the video below to find out more about replacing words.

Glossaries in action