Software Robotics or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is fast becoming a buzzword. This is the use of software that ‘automates’ mundane tasks, leaving staff to do more interesting things.

Recently, there has been exponential growth in the industry, with larger robotics provider firms becoming more established to build and maintain these robots.

We have a different outlook.

Sonix Software Developers come from the larger robotics companies and have worked on industrial scale robotics projects in Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath. We believe this can be done inhouse, and will radically change the way in which companies deploy Robotic Automation. All it takes is a little guidance and training. Sonix can offer a range of training courses, to begin your robotic journey.

We also offer something different.

We have the technology skillset that other robotics firms lack. We dont contract our staff to do a job, we employ experts. Experts that can train your staff.

We devise your process identification steps, guide and train a development team, and help until you have a fully functional and sustainable robotics team in-house.

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How does RPA work?

  • The use of software that ‘automates’ mundane tasks – meaning staff can get on with other work.
  • There are various methods of using automation to its best advantage– and the ‘robot’ can deal with a variety of tasks such as clicking, typing, emails and even more complex logical tasks (e.g data entry).
  • Each organisation will have a process that they deem to be suitable for automation. A developer can then help you ‘build’ the robot (or in some cases we offer a pay per ‘run’ – please contact us for more details about this).
  • Sonix Software will tailor options to suit your organisation based on industry competition and help with vendor choice.

Large scale robotics that can be deployed on your architecture, or, smaller scale robotice that can be devised and run on our own estate essentially outsourcing your process.

Typical Load and Work robot using UiPath

Typical Roboic Process to download a file and enter it on a bespoke system

And the future? Once you have an RPA capability we can offer further solutions to enhance your robotics capability using our bespoke software. Such as structuring your unstructured data. Have a look at the videos below to see what we can do for you..

Showcase - Unstructured PDFs

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Insurance Showcase - Insurance Claims Automation

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Online Showcase - Excel and Internet Explorer Automation

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Finance Showcase - From Invoice to System

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